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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

On the blog. Again

Blogs of Beer started out as a blogroll at Reluctant Scooper. When I started to run out of space over there, I started this site as a way of keeping tabs on what other beery scamps were up to.

Loathe as I am to blog about blogging about beer, I've decided to start posting here on a weekly basis. Nice and simple, just highlighting the posts that have caught my eye in the past week.

This isn't a comprehensive blogroll, just the ones I read the most. If you're a beer blogger and find you're not mentioned here, don't take it personally. You'll likely to find more stuff about the industry and science of brewing rather than bottle reviews as that's what I take more of an interest in.

It may be a way of catching up on your favourite blogs or finding out about those that had passed you by. As for the old allegation that I only run this site to big up my own blog and thaose of my friends, I say - of course. Arrogance and self-promotion are the cornerstone of blogging, are they not ;-)

Whatever. Enjoy.


Ed said...

Looks a bit lacking to me.

Unknown said...

hahaha... your blog comes through to me via rss (one of the 'chosen ones'), can't believe I never tagged you here!?! Sorted now. Love the hop insights in particular.

alec wallace said...


May i give you a link to my blog?

Many Thanks


alec wallace said...

oops it seemed to default to!